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"Step away from the ​grind. You're not a ​coffee bean."

~​ Peggy Boyer

Here's What's Brewing

We create short videos for the office worker that ​focus on beneficial stretches they can do throughout ​the day.

Sitting for long periods of time can cause ​musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) such as muscle ​tension and pain, weak core stabilizers and tight ​joints. Office workers have a high risk of repetitive ​motion injuries like tendonitis, trigger finger and ​carpal tunnel syndrome. So, we've designed our ​stretches to help decrease these hazards.

Benefits of Stretch

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Consistent stretching reduces ​musculoskeletal disorders, ​Repetitive motion syndrome, ​heada​ches and injury.

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Stretching increases blood flow ​throughout the body to supply ​nutrients to joints and soft ​tissues. It also increases ​flexibili​ty and posture.


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Just a few minutes of stretch ​can decrease stress and fatigu​e, improve mood and boost pr​oductivity and e​fficiency.

A Whole Latte Stretches

Every Monday morning, in time for your coffee break, we'll drop a new video that focuses on a specific trouble spot.

All stretches can be done in a limited space: work-from-home station, cubicle, office, classroom. No excuses.

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This week's stretch focus:

Leg stretches from your chair - So easy to sneak these stretches in!

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As a health coach, I understand the importance of crowding out unhealthy habits to create space for healthy habits to take root and grow. It is the reason why this wellness campaign is FREE every week for all who want it, need it or care to share it.

For over 20 years I was a massage therapist in a corporate setting. I established that business for two reasons. The first was to make massage an affordable necessity for maintaining wellness to people who might have seen it as a luxury. The second was to help, in my way, support a better/work life balance by coming on site, to them, on their coffee break. As Covid changed the work force dynamics, bringing forth all things virtual, my business has morphed. My passion to help others feel good, be less tense and reduce stress, remains the same. My goal is to continue to bring you videos with stretching techniques that will help you improve your well-being so you can discover the joy of a healthy, pain free, stress-free life.

In real life, I am a health coach at Healthy Headspaces. Visit me at to find out more about it or click here

For fun, I love hiking, mountain biking, practicing yoga, trying new foods, enjoying a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning, reading, creating beautiful things and exploring the US with my husband.

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