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"Step away from the ​grind. You're not a ​coffee bean."

~​ Peggy Boyer

Here's What's Brewing

We create short videos for the office worker that ​focus on beneficial stretches they can do throughout ​the day.

Sitting for long periods of time can cause ​musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) such as muscle ​tension and pain, weak core stabilizers and tight ​joints. Office workers have a high risk of repetitive ​motion injuries like tendonitis, trigger finger and ​carpal tunnel syndrome. So, we've designed our ​stretches to help decrease these hazards.

Benefits of Stretch

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Consistent stretching reduces ​musculoskeletal disorders, ​Repetitive motion syndrome, ​heada​ches and injury.

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Stretching increases blood flow ​throughout the body to supply ​nutrients to joints and soft ​tissues. It also increases ​flexibili​ty and posture.


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Just a few minutes of stretch ​can decrease stress and fatigu​e, improve mood and boost pr​oductivity and e​fficiency.

A Whole Latte Stretches

Every Monday morning, in time for your coffee break, we'll drop a new video that focuses on a specific trouble spot.

All stretches can be done in a limited space: work-from-home station, cubicle, office, classroom. No excuses.

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This week's stretch focus:

Hamstrings quads, hip flexors AND a bonus video for muscle engagement!

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For over 20 years I was a massage therapist in a corporate setting. ​I established that business for two reasons. The first was to make ​massage an affordable necessity for maintaining wellness to ​people who might have seen it as a luxury. The second was to ​help, in my way, support a better/work life balance by coming on ​site, to them, on their coffee break. As Covid changed the work ​force dynamics, bringing forth all things virtual, my business has ​morphed. My passion to help others feel good, be less tense and ​reduce stress, remains the same. My goal is to continue to bring ​you videos with stretching techniques that will help you improve ​your well-being so you can discover the joy of a healthy, pain free, ​stress-free life.

I am excited to announce that I am finishing up my Health ​Coaching Certification and will make individual and group ​health coaching services available virtually!

For fun, I love hiking, mountain biking, practicing yoga, trying new ​foods, enjoying a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning, reading, ​creating beautiful things and exploring the US with my husband in ​our RV.

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